Posted by: opa | January 26, 2006

New Gadget

I picked up a new toy for me at Capilano Mall in North Vancouver. It is a flashlight attached with a small crank for recharging the batteries. What caught my attention, was, that via a cable (included) you can connect to your Cell phone and recharge it. I have tested to recharge my cell phone from the flashlight’s connector and had to crank a few times to fully recharge my cell phone. Using “the cranked battery power” for the main purpose as a flashlight is very good and deserves to be recommended.



  1. Good to see you blogging…

    Just before we left the UK, this product

    was mentioned in one of the national newspapers. Although quite expensive it seems like a great idea. Some sunshine also seems like a great idea 😉 Just thought you might find it interesting anyhoo.


  2. Thanks Jess, I checked your Solio Product, I liked it, but as you said “quite expensive”.

    Cheers, Horst

  3. […] In January I wrote “New Gaget” a post about a new flashlight I picked up at Capilano Mall in North Vancouver. I have to add that this company serves their costumers very well. The flashlight, I bought in January, its crank got stuck, and I couldn’t turn it anymore. Well, I went to the place where I got it from and to my surprise; the Capilano special selling booth, wasn’t there anymore. So, I was p. off, wouldn’t you too? . . . and I forgot about this flashlight. […]

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