Posted by: opa | January 31, 2006

On Training again

Well, as you know, last year I was training for my 800 km walk through Spain and this year I’m getting in shape for the Vancouver Sun Run. Here on Bowen Island I have signed up a 13 weeks training program which will prepare me to walk the famous 10 k run in Vancover.

So far our group had met twice and we are a bunch of friends (or nuts) who enjoy walking the roads and hills on Bowen Island. Just as last year, our training leader is Louise Painter again and she is pushing us gently through the trails and over the hills. And again, the rain is our companion, as always, but we have fun.



  1. And when you are top fit, try the 42km maraton in Berlin. We will wave flags for you at the “Am wilden Eber”- place!  Johannes

  2. Oh ja, das wUrde schön sein !

  3. “Am wilden Eber”, das ist doch in Berlin-Grunewald, oder?
    Gibt es da nicht auch eine Kneipe?

  4. “Am Wilden Eber” befindet sich im legendären Berlin- Schmargendorf und ist eigentlich nichts weiter, als ein Kreisverkehr mir Bäumen und einer Statue von einem Eber in der Mitte…

  5. Well, just around the corner is a pub and I remember good Wein !

  6. An I remember Opa, my family and me walking through the snow taking Opa to the old peoples home am Wilden Eber. Of cause he went there just for a short visit… 🙂

  7. you`re distinctive.

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