Posted by: opa | February 13, 2006

Northern Voice Conference

Just as last year, I attended the Conference in Vancouver at the UBC Robson Campus again.

This year I joined 250 bloggers at the sold out conference about community based webblogging and personal publishing.

This event promised bloggers and blogging neophytes
to learn more about this emerging publishing medium, exchange ideas about improving our weblogs, meet each other in meatspace, network, make new friends and influence people and have an excuse for a party in the evening.

Well, the organizers succeeded with all their goals, in my opinion, 100 percent.

My highlights started already in the lineup at the registration desk. People and friends I know from my blogs or have seen at flickr photos were lining up as well. Some of them I have never seen in person, although we were blogging already for a while. It was an awesome feeling, like a reunion of longtime friends.

I attended 5 workshops/discussions groups :

Julie Leung – Why stories are essential and how to blog effective tales.

Dave Sifry on Blogosphere – and Tim Bray

Nancy White – Snow White and the Seven Competencies of Online Interaction.

Mark Schneider, Robert Quimet, Michael Tippett – The Changing Face of Journalism

Darren Barefoot, Boris Mann and Lauren Wood – So They’re Threatening to Sue – Blogs and the Law

Rob Cottingham – Five Ways Your Blog Can Change the World

Well, it was for us (Anne and I signed up for the conference) a day we learned more about blogging and using the internet. Of course, we went also to see our son Boris in action and meet more of his friends.

On Sunday Boris flew to Torino where he represents B.C. Technologies at Canada House during the Olympics.


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