Posted by: opa | April 16, 2006

The Easter Story

Since many years we have an Easter egg hunt tradition in our garden on Bowen Island for our children, grandchildren and children of our friends.
We prepare the eggs on the night before Easter. We boiled them and colour them and with the Easter chocolate bunnies and other goodies for the next day’s Easter hunt, we wrap them up in little plastic bags. Those plastic bags where important for the rainy weather this year. We also labeled each Easter bag with the children’s names we expected to come on Easter morning.
Today was the big day. While I picked up my grandchildren from the ferry, Anne hid the Easter surprises for them and the neighbours’ children in our backyard.
When my grandson arrived at our house he mentioned a big raven flying over our roof with some strange colourful thing in his beak. Well, we saw another raven flying by and we couldn’t believe our eyes, this raven had a coloured Easter egg in his beak.
Yes, you guessed right and so did we. Anne, Sebastian and I ran
into the garden to discover that most of Anne’s carefully hidden plastic Easter bags were open and scatter around our backyard. Within a half an hour after Anne had placed them, eight coloured eggs and a chocolate bunny were stolen. Those ravens had open the plastic bags, checked out what was in and helped themselves for their Easter hunt !

Just before the neighbour’s arrived we luckily could rearrange the loss by changing the Easter hunt gifts to smaller shared portions.
After the kids had a successful Easter hunt and carrying their little basket filled with goodies, we all had a good laugh.

Happy Easter to you all !


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