Posted by: opa | November 17, 2006

Time flies by !

Well, my last post was at Easter and the summertime is over. :o)

Friends and relatives visited us in the summer and my daughter Gaby and granddaughter Martha from Italy have been, as each year, our special guests.
I was also happy to see Christa whom I met in Spain on my Pilgrimage last year. Christa, Dionisia and I went on a sightseeing tour through the Cariboo and had fun.

Our little B&B here on Bowen Island was almost solid booked through the summer season. Time went by so fast and we are in the “November-Raining-Season” already.

You who live here on the West Coast know what I mean with November-Raining-Season. The last few days were a big challenge for all of us in the Lower Vancouver Mainland. Severe stormy weather with a never-ending rainfall, which flooded houses and started landslides. Our ferry to Bowen Island was cancelled a couple of times and also the big ferries to the Sunshine Coast and to Vancouver Island didn’t run. Our power was cut off on Bowen Island on Friday and also yesterday from 9am to 7pm we were sitting in the dark. A few areas here on Bowen are still without electric power and as the latest news report said, a few thousand households in the Delta area are also still without power. We hope that the new bad weather front is not as heavy as the past one.

This is a fast try to catch up with my “blog time” and a promise to my friends who asked me what has happened or not happened, I’ll be more often on my blog from now on!


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