Posted by: opa | December 1, 2006

Good News

In January I wrote “New Gaget” a post about a new flashlight I picked up at Capilano Mall in North Vancouver.
I have to add that this company serves their costumers very well.
The flashlight, I bought in January, its crank got stuck, and I couldn’t turn it anymore.
Well, I went to the place where I got it from and to my surprise; the Capilano special selling booth, wasn’t there anymore. So, I was p. off, wouldn’t you too? . . . and I forgot about this flashlight.

Last week I was at Park Royal Shopping Centre in West Vancouver and surprise, surprise I spotted a booth where this company sold beside those flashlights more amazing new gadgets.

I approached the selling agent and explained her what was happen with my flashlight. Even I bought it couple month ago at a different place and I didn’t have any receipts anymore, my flashlight was exchange to a new one !
Well, what did I do ? After I got it exchange, I bought 2 new one and I have 3 good working flashlights now ! :o)

I recommend this Company again.


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