Posted by: opa | February 28, 2007

Northern Voice Conference 2007

Yes, I did sign up again. My third time. And it was as informative and exciting as the last two conferences.
At the UBC Campus 300 bloggers and blogging neophytes came together to this event.

This time the event started with a big dinner at the Heritage Hall in Vancouver on Feb. 22nd (on Boris’ Birthday!) Yes, Boris and three chefs cooked dinner for 150 guests and we all enjoyed it. Thanks to Boris and his team.

img_0571.JPG img_0572.JPG

On Feb. 24th the Blogging Conference started at Forestry Sciences Centre at UBC with a promising schedule. I would have liked to attend all presentations.
So, Anne and I tried to attend different sessions and share our impressions later.

After the Keynote Speaker Anil Dash who talked about “How to Make Change Happen With Your Blog”, I signed up with Richard Eriksson who talked about how to launch your own blog, described which tools to use and showed us the basics of writing, linking and posting. I found Richard’s introduction on how to start your own blog was very informative.

img_0592.JPG Richard Eriksson

“Building Rich Communities with Wikis”. Listening to two talks about using Wikis in education, introduced by Stewart Mader and John Willinsky, was my second session. I haven’t heard about Wikis before and was very impressed how successful the work with Wikis has been at UBC.


Stewart Mader John Willinsky

“Holding Paradox in the Palm of Your Hand” was the session I was looking forward to with Nancy White. I had enjoyed Nancy last year and I was amazed by her energy and how she can bring her audience to listen to her knowledge, her teaching and theories. I am looking forward to seeing Nancy at next year’s Northern Voice. :o)

img_0600.JPG Nancy White

My next session, “Why Do We Blog?” was presented by Darren Barefoot and Alex Waterhouse-Hayward. Both presenters have different reasons for blogging. For Darren Barefoot blogging is his profession and I always enjoy his superb writing style on his blogs. Darren ran a survey on the subject, “why are people blogging” and he talked about his results.
Alex Waterhouse-Hayward is a professional photographer and he talked about why he blogs. Alex is using his blog for family and business and he said how blogging changed his life.

img_0605.JPG Darren Barefoot

“Digital Photography for the Web “ a presentation by Kris Krug.
Kris’ introduction to creative digital photography reminded me on my first flickr-blog, , which is still my favored blog. His session covered the basics of taking, editing, and sharing pictures. I liked how Kris talked about his own professional experiences and knowledge and gave the audience enough time to talk about her own experiences.

img_0611.JPG Kris Krug

I felt the highlight of the Blogging Conference was coming together as blogging community, seeing people you know already through their postings, but actually never have seen in person. As many said, blogging is changing our life.



  1. sehr gut

    go opa go!

  2. sweet new blog opa! 🙂 your pics look great and thx for including me in the list. 🙂

  3. Thanks guys for coming by and reading my stuff. I’m still learning :o)

  4. Awesome notes! I also had a great time.

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