Posted by: opa | July 23, 2007

Island Hopping

The decision to go “Island Hopping” led to write this blog entry in a co-op writing between Anne (and she did most of this) and me.

After living on an island for 28 years, we finally managed to see the Sunshine Coast, Savary Island, Denman Island and Hornby Island and some of the east coast of Vancouver Island. All this on our scooter, traveling 400 km on winding highways and crossing the waters by ferry nine times, ranging from 10 minutes to 1.5 hour trips. Waiting at each of the ferry terminals, we felt like midgets amongst the leather adorned Harley Davidson riders. Needless to say – we did not even get a glance from them! Savary Island was the point furthest north, but also the most unusual island with sand dunes and wide sand beaches and the only one of our destinations we reached as passengers on a water taxi.


Points along the way: ferry to Horseshoe Bay; Ferry to Langdale; drive along the Sunshine Coast to Earls Cove; ferry to Saltery Bay; drive to Powell River – over night at Malaspina B&B ; drive to Lund (the end of the Sunshine Coast Highway); water taxi to Savary Island; were driven to other end of island to Indian Point; walked back along beach (found sand dollars and giant shells) and along sandy roads to return to Lund via water taxi (where a friendly “hello” from a fellow Bowen Islander surprised us).
Drove to Powell River; ferry to Comox on Vancouver Island; over night at Best Western in Courtenay. Drove to Buckley Bay; ferry to Denman Island (Denman West); drove across Denman Island to Gravelly Bay; ferry to Hornby Island (Shingle Spit); explored Hornby Island; picnic lunch from the Co-op Store; beautiful walk in the rain through Helliwell Park; in continuing rain returned to Shingle Spit; ferry to Gravelly Bay; in needle sharp rain drove across Denman Island to Denman West; ferry to Buckley Bay; and, still raining, drove to Qualicum Beach; very cold and wet arrived at Blue Willow House , enjoying a hot shower and a warm bed.
Drove to Nanaimo; ferry to Horseshoe Bay; ferry to Snug Cove, Bowen Island – and arrived home.
See All the pictures at my flickr set and enjoy.


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