Posted by: opa | October 28, 2008

Opa does it again !

The word is out, I’m walking the Camino again.

Three years ago I walked the 800 km from France,Saint Jean Pied de Port, over the Pyrenees into Spain to Santiago de Compostela.

Walking on this famous Pilgrim Trail was for me a life time experience and now, the Camino is calling me again. As the people I met, who are my friends now, went a second time too and found more spiritual connection and understanding about themselves.

The last time when I was planning the walk, I took this challenge to proof to myself that I am still alive. I learned, while I was on this Pilgrim Walk, that deep in my soul, was a hidden agenda, I was out to find the magic within the nature and myself. I found spirituality.

This time, after my illness, I walk to say thank you to the Camino and say thank you to my family, my friends and all those people who gave me the strength to go through my illness.

I am also going to walk the Camino to visit more cultural places, which I passed by last time and try to connect to the people who live along the Camino. Those countless hosts and spiritual leaders who helped us along to find what we are searching for.

My son Boris is trying to join me to walk over the Pyrenees and walk for two weeks beside me along on the Camino. I hope, he will find the time to make this happen. I know it might not be the right time for Boris yet.

My friend Dionisia will go on the Camino to follow her believes and we will meet in Spain later. We’ll probably meet in Burgos or Leon. I am looking forward to walking with her as her Pilgrim Partner.

In the meantime I already have my flight tickets to Europe and I’m enjoying my new maps for the Camino Walk. I began my training walks here on Bowen and Dionisia did join me too.

I’ll keep this blog as my base for reporting the progress of my journey and I’ll be open for your tips and questions about the Camino to Santiago de Compostela.

Horst on the training walk in West Vancouver

Dionisia on the training walk in West Vancouver



  1. Good Luck Opa! I look forward to following your progress!

  2. Good for you Horst! Have a magical adventure!

    Much love and (of course) hugs,


  3. Its great to read of your family adventures, Horst. Have a safe trip and keep us posted on your progress. God bless!


  4. Wishing you great Joy on your adventure. Such an inspiration, hoping to one day walk the El. Joy Filled Illumination! Jan

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