Posted by: opa | April 29, 2009

Day Zero on the Camino


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Today is day zero, my 2nd time to walk the Camino. Last time, I wanted too proof to myself that I’m still alive and I took the challenge. I didn’t know that I, while I was walking the Camino, hidden spirally wishes with in me and some resolution for my future life, el Camino was so kind and gave it to me in his magical way.

This time I like to give all my positive energies to this endless walk of the Camino, for all the people and friends, who are walking in hope, in pain and in tears. I like to say thanks to the Camino for my health and to my funny way of life, I am fortunately allow to live.

Early in the morning, a bunch of early birds of us, started in pouring rain, leaving St. Jean Pied de Port and heading toward the mountains of the Pyrenees. It was cold too and I was wearing most of my clothing to keep warm. My plan was not to push myself and to take it easy, to hike only to Valcarlos. A few pilgrims where soon ahead of me and some trotted behind. A student from Korea, Jiyeon, she walked with me through the rain. Here again, how we both could chat in a mixture of English, French and Spanish. We said good bye at Valcarlos.


Valcarlos is a tiny little village hidden in a valley of the Pyrenees mountain. I was so pitch wet and booked a room in a B. & B. because the Hostel was not open yet. I change all my clothes, took a shower and felt warm again.

While I was writing this blog entry, a knock at the door. My landlord lady came in with a kind of authority person (a Police Lady ?) and I was questioned about my name and where I came from. After all this questions, she handed me my wallet. I couldn’t believe it, me O.F. Horst, lost my wallet on the first day of my journey. She said it was found in the rain water near a rain spout and almost floating in it. I must have lost it when I exchanged my address with Jiyeon.

Well, was I talking about the magic of el Camino ? Here my friends, welcome to my walk to Santiago de Compostella.



  1. Hi Horst, also doch Regen! Dann pass mal auf, dass du dich nicht mit der Schweinegrippe infizierst.
    Gruss Walter&Sonja

  2. Hallo Horstel, pass auf deine Klamotten auf, du kannst nicht immer vom Camino Wunder erwarten. Gruß Christel und Manfred

  3. Tag Papa! Ich bin froh das dein cellphone funktionert! Ich freue mich dein lauf zu verfolgen.

  4. Na, da hast Du aber Glück gehabt. Drücke Dir die Daumen, dass das Wetter morgen besser wird.

  5. Hallo Horste,
    na da hast du aber Glück gehabt…….. und denke daran “nach Regen kommt stets Sonnenschein!”. Drücke dir die Daumen!

  6. Buen Camino, Horst! Good thing they found your wallet – could’ve been a difficult Camino without any money or credit card… 😉

    Take it easy in the beginning!

  7. Hallo Opa,

    Glück gehabt oder die Magie des Camino???
    Alles Gute zum weiteren (Ver-)lauf.
    Buena suerte y mucho corazón!!!!!

    Karin & Wolfgang

  8. Well, you had some good luck on Day 1! That’s the Camino for you! Have a great walk – we’ll be following your adventures and feeling envious.

  9. Hello O.F.
    You of all people would loose your wallet in a foreign country. Frightening! Chain it to your pants close to your pocket. You might look like a biker but at least you keep your money save.
    Take care old man. I envy you.

  10. Hi Horst,
    Very glad you made it o.k. and are finally on
    your long journey.
    Take care of yourself, and don’t lose your wallet
    We will watch your blog, and enjoy all the days
    of your trip.
    Guess what no snow at Deka lake, and the ice
    is off.
    Jake and Mari-Lynne

  11. hey horst!

    ich hoffe, dass dir das glueck weiter hold bleibt! viel energie wuensch ich dir!

    liebe gruesse,

  12. Hi Horst, habe deiner SMS gelesen, dass du heute schon in Viana bist. Das sind etwa 175 km. Mit dem Auto wäre “Mann” 2 Std. 31 Min unterwegs! lol.

  13. Hi Horst, habe in deiner SMS gelesen, dass du heute schon in Viana bist. Das sind etwa 175 km. Mit dem Auto wäre “Mann” 2 Std. 31 Min unterwegs! lol.

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