Posted by: opa | May 12, 2009

1 May, leaving Espinal

The morning greeted us with pouring rain. We all got prepared and left in full rain gear to face the day. Dietrich was our new team member and we five went brave on the Camino today.

1.May 274

The first stage was leading us gently downhill through woodland, but the trails were washed out and the soil was packed with clay like mud and we more like slided down. The steep decent toward Zubiri was not fun. Arriving in Zubiri the weather turned a bit better and we decided to go further to Larrasoana to find a place to stay for the night.

1.May 275

But what we didn’t know that all the pilgrims in head of us , re:bad weather condition, had filled all the places. Even the little Pensions where booked. There was no place for us tired and wet Pilgrims to stay. The innkeeper of one of the last Pension called a taxi for us to Pamplona the next bigger city were we 5 Pilgrim arrived wet as cats in a small hotel for the night.

For me was it a change to meet Elena, a pilgim friend I was walking 4 years ago on the Camino. She was with her mother, also walking the el Camino again. I knew that they were about a half walking day ahead of me. Through our unfortunately situation I was able to catch up with them in Pamplona. We had a wonderful evening together to talk about all our old Pilgrims friends from 4 years ago. We decided next day to meet and walk again together.


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