Posted by: opa | May 12, 2009

11. May, a nice touristic day in Burgos.

    11. May 001

    I spent most of my day walking through this historic and ,now, hectic city. Exhausted I sat down on a bench in front of the big,famous Cathedral. I started wondering about people who created buildings, creation of arts. What gave those people, the masters of arts, the drive to spend all their life to create. Did they follow a call ? In cases of this Cathedral, connection of family lines giving this dream / calling, further over to generations. They designed, build for 400 years this Cathedral, I now wonder about, what gave them those power, I would like to understand.

    11. May 004

    I started thinking about people I know, friends, member of my family who are not well, my grandchildren, who are on a sad path in their life. A friend, back home on Bowen Island came to my mind. “John, please accept my positive feelings toward your healing process”. I’m here on the Camino not to ask about things, I’m walking on el Camino to share my love.

    11. May 003

    Tomorrow I’m going to pick up my dear Camino Partner and friend Dionisia from the airport and she will join me the last 500 km on the Camino to Santiago de Compostella.

For more update photos, click here.



  1. Nun endlich eine Reihe von Tageserlebnissen und auch Fotos. Weiteren guten Weg mit gutem Wetter! xo Anne

  2. Today I was thrilled to see a whole series of posts pop up in my reader of your progress Opa – it was wonderful to hear of your progress and read your daily reports. Hoping your journey is bringing you what you seek, Leftantler and I look forward to reading more!

  3. Hi Horst,
    I’ve been following your journey and pictures.
    The Catedral in Burgo looks absolutely amazing.
    You will have to tell me the name of this Cathedral
    Say hello to Dionisia, and the best of luck as
    both of you continue on to Santiago de Compostella.


  4. Way to go O.F. – you’ve been making good progress! Nice to see the lovely pics of all the familiar places, too. 🙂 You must be on the “endless” plains now – keep up the spirit and be prepared – the flat plain ends at some point. 😉

  5. Horste!!
    I´m also following your steps through old europe 😉

    Greetings from Heidelberg


  6. Hola Mr. Horst, it’s me your Mexican friend at capilano mall, I can see you are having a wonderful time, my offer still stands , do you need someone to carry your bags ?


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