Posted by: opa | May 12, 2009

30. April, leaving Valcarlo

30.April leaving Valcarlo

Today I woke up and the sun was shining and my mood was up. I joint 3 Italians, Irma,Salvino and Antonio, to further climbing up the mountains. We all had fun and struggled through French and English to communicate. It was a strenuous walk but rewarded by stunning views through open hill and moorland. The day before was raining and we had to go through clay like mud which was sticking on our boots.

The walk got tougher and tougher for me and I had to admit that the hike was to hard for me and I have to slow down. Irma, Salvino and Antonio slowly disappeared in front of me and soon I was alone, mining my own speed. In the beginning of my journey I promised myself not to push me to the limit and see the walk for was it means to me. How happy was I when I reach the summit. I took a long break and hiked down on the muddy path to Roncesvalles. All my energies came back, I didn’t stop in Ronsesvalles and walked further. Rain started again and only on Pilgrim was in front of me who was a German, Dietrich, and we finish our walk together in Espinal today.

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