Posted by: opa | May 12, 2009

5. May, leaving Los Arcos

    5. May 303

Blue sky greeted my on my early walk this morning. I left on my own through farmland and short, but very steep section on my walk. I’m leaving the Navarra area to the La Rioja region and walking through those large vineyards.

I’m hiking slowly through the heat of the day and have my Lunch, bread, cheese and Salami, under a big old pine tree.

5. May 305

On the way I met Pilgrim friends and we walk into the town of Viana to look for a place too stay this night. Hendry,Susanne and me booked into the same Albergue.It was a tough night for most of us because we had to listen to a snoring contest. Susanne and me decided to remember those snorers and never, never again sleep with this guys in the same room.



  1. Aah, La Rioja… I know that name from somewhere… 🙂

    Nice to see pics of a smiling O.F. in a sunny weather.

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