Posted by: opa | May 12, 2009

6. May leaving Vianna

A hot day again along the Cornava and Valdearas river valleys. Hendry, Susan and me sticked together and suffered the heat. From Logrono it became brutal we had to climb 600 m toward Navarette. We couldn’t go further. All Albergues were booked and so we stayed in a little privat pension with super clean rooms and private showers. What a treat after the long walk of today.

6. May 308

This time in Town we met Pilgrim friends we walked days before and got the news that the brothers Manfred and Knut, are here too and Knut had a fall and broke one rip. We all feel very connected as Pilgrims on the Camino and are caring about each other. I met those brothers after Pamplona and approached them by saying “hi guys” and this “hi guys” was the brothers story about me.

So, this night in Navarette, we all visit Knut to make him happy. He decided not to call his family and stay, with the help of his brother, on the Camino.

The little Bar in Navarette was filled with Pilgrims and our medicine was Vino tinto. Well, not to mentions, we all went pissed drunk back to our sleeping quarters.



  1. The medicine was great – we weren’t really soooo drunk?
    I can not remember … 😉

    Greetings from Susan

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