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5. May, leaving Los Arcos

    5. May 303

Blue sky greeted my on my early walk this morning. I left on my own through farmland and short, but very steep section on my walk. I’m leaving the Navarra area to the La Rioja region and walking through those large vineyards.

I’m hiking slowly through the heat of the day and have my Lunch, bread, cheese and Salami, under a big old pine tree.

5. May 305

On the way I met Pilgrim friends and we walk into the town of Viana to look for a place too stay this night. Hendry,Susanne and me booked into the same Albergue.It was a tough night for most of us because we had to listen to a snoring contest. Susanne and me decided to remember those snorers and never, never again sleep with this guys in the same room.

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4.May, leaving Estella

As yesterday, the majority of the scenic route was on natural paths. The good hike for me went through native oak and pine woods. Cimbing up toward Villamayor de Monjardin we past a famous vineyard Bodegas Irache where a fountain is with water and Vino tinto for free, you can chose by yourself. Guess what I did ?

4. May 297

Down hill to Los Arcos was in the hot Spain sun and I was happy to have a good shower in the Albergue in Los Arcos. Later in town I walked into Susie and Guenter from Schmargendorf and my Italian friends,who booked into a little Hotel near by. My Canadian Country fellows invited me to a big dinner in our Albergue.

4. May 301

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3. May, leaving Obanos

    The warm sun is back and hopefully staying for a while. With sunscreen on my face I started walking at 6:30 in the morning. I had a day only for me and I felt happy, thinking about my good life, my family and friend back home in Canada. I saw Pilgrims I have seen in Hostels before, but I had chosen to walk only with myself. My goal was not go to far today and stay in Villatuerta for the night. But there was no places and so I had to walk to Estella to find a place for the night. Those extra Km in the blasting sun strained a lot of energies out of me. Now after a long shower, I go to bed and will fell to sleep pretty fast.

    3.May 290

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2. May, leaving Pamplona

2.May 282

A bright sunny day, but with cold wind. I was with Elena on the Camino again. Her mother, better in form as we, leaded us up the hills with wind powered turbines visible on the skyline. We climbed up at the Alto de Perdon with wonderful views back to Pamplona. We took a lot of pictures to remember our second hike on the Camino. Both women were to fast for me O.F. and so we said good bye in Obanos where I stayed for the night.

2.May 279

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1 May, leaving Espinal

The morning greeted us with pouring rain. We all got prepared and left in full rain gear to face the day. Dietrich was our new team member and we five went brave on the Camino today.

1.May 274

The first stage was leading us gently downhill through woodland, but the trails were washed out and the soil was packed with clay like mud and we more like slided down. The steep decent toward Zubiri was not fun. Arriving in Zubiri the weather turned a bit better and we decided to go further to Larrasoana to find a place to stay for the night.

1.May 275

But what we didn’t know that all the pilgrims in head of us , re:bad weather condition, had filled all the places. Even the little Pensions where booked. There was no place for us tired and wet Pilgrims to stay. The innkeeper of one of the last Pension called a taxi for us to Pamplona the next bigger city were we 5 Pilgrim arrived wet as cats in a small hotel for the night.

For me was it a change to meet Elena, a pilgim friend I was walking 4 years ago on the Camino. She was with her mother, also walking the el Camino again. I knew that they were about a half walking day ahead of me. Through our unfortunately situation I was able to catch up with them in Pamplona. We had a wonderful evening together to talk about all our old Pilgrims friends from 4 years ago. We decided next day to meet and walk again together.

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30. April, leaving Valcarlo

30.April leaving Valcarlo

Today I woke up and the sun was shining and my mood was up. I joint 3 Italians, Irma,Salvino and Antonio, to further climbing up the mountains. We all had fun and struggled through French and English to communicate. It was a strenuous walk but rewarded by stunning views through open hill and moorland. The day before was raining and we had to go through clay like mud which was sticking on our boots.

The walk got tougher and tougher for me and I had to admit that the hike was to hard for me and I have to slow down. Irma, Salvino and Antonio slowly disappeared in front of me and soon I was alone, mining my own speed. In the beginning of my journey I promised myself not to push me to the limit and see the walk for was it means to me. How happy was I when I reach the summit. I took a long break and hiked down on the muddy path to Roncesvalles. All my energies came back, I didn’t stop in Ronsesvalles and walked further. Rain started again and only on Pilgrim was in front of me who was a German, Dietrich, and we finish our walk together in Espinal today.

1.May 273

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NOTE ! !

Hello, friends of my blog ! I´m ok and kicking healty klick after klick. But I have big problems to get to you over the Internet.

I´m writing each day about my pain and joy and will uploading it as soon I got a change to get on the net !

Greetings from the el Camino, love to you all,

Opa (horst)

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Day Zero on the Camino


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Today is day zero, my 2nd time to walk the Camino. Last time, I wanted too proof to myself that I’m still alive and I took the challenge. I didn’t know that I, while I was walking the Camino, hidden spirally wishes with in me and some resolution for my future life, el Camino was so kind and gave it to me in his magical way.

This time I like to give all my positive energies to this endless walk of the Camino, for all the people and friends, who are walking in hope, in pain and in tears. I like to say thanks to the Camino for my health and to my funny way of life, I am fortunately allow to live.

Early in the morning, a bunch of early birds of us, started in pouring rain, leaving St. Jean Pied de Port and heading toward the mountains of the Pyrenees. It was cold too and I was wearing most of my clothing to keep warm. My plan was not to push myself and to take it easy, to hike only to Valcarlos. A few pilgrims where soon ahead of me and some trotted behind. A student from Korea, Jiyeon, she walked with me through the rain. Here again, how we both could chat in a mixture of English, French and Spanish. We said good bye at Valcarlos.


Valcarlos is a tiny little village hidden in a valley of the Pyrenees mountain. I was so pitch wet and booked a room in a B. & B. because the Hostel was not open yet. I change all my clothes, took a shower and felt warm again.

While I was writing this blog entry, a knock at the door. My landlord lady came in with a kind of authority person (a Police Lady ?) and I was questioned about my name and where I came from. After all this questions, she handed me my wallet. I couldn’t believe it, me O.F. Horst, lost my wallet on the first day of my journey. She said it was found in the rain water near a rain spout and almost floating in it. I must have lost it when I exchanged my address with Jiyeon.

Well, was I talking about the magic of el Camino ? Here my friends, welcome to my walk to Santiago de Compostella.

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Last Leg

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I’m in the train on the final leg to St. Jean Pied de Port. The little train, connecting Toulouse to St. Jean Pied de Port, is packet with pilgrims who take this challenge in her life to walk el Camino. One can feel the excitement which is in the air connecting each other like an electric current. I’m sitting together with two ladies from Korea, Jeeyem and Kim and we try to communicate. Pretty chaotic you can imagine, but somehow we had a conservation. Through the train window we could see the Pyrenees covered in dark clouds and it looked like bad weather’


By arrival all of those pilgrims running out, like chickens to their coops, to the government office to receive their officially pilgrim paper. Here again,in the office, several language humming through the room. But a little bit later we had, with proud, our passes.


I spend the night in the same Hostel I have been 4 years ago and even in the same room. I wouldn’t have been surprised if my friends would have been there too. Yes, the Camino is full of magic, but this would be to much asking for.

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Another Stop again


Again on the airport, waiting for my flight to Toulouse, France.

While I’m waiting, the last days at Walter’s family’s place, goes by in my mind and it feels good to have seen the families who are also related to my family.

The conversations with two of my uncles (95 and late 80s year old) were so informative and I learn so much about my own family. Old photos, yellow old pictures, have shown me moments of joy even about my own childhood.

I keep thinking if this visit was my last view into my past,how can I keep the treasure for a while before I pas it further to my children.

Oops, I’m called to the plain to Toulouse

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